For clients with personal trainers and VIPs is
fitness center open NONSTOP

The fitness center can be opened for you remotely
if you are already a Body Care client:
- you have a valid season ticket
- you have a sufficiently charged credit
- you have a valid multisport card
call +420 731 440 260

Unregistered new clients welcome we will serve at these times:
Monday - Wednesday 7:00-11:00 15:00-19:00
Thursday 7:00-11:00 15:00-19:00
Friday 7:00-11:00
Saturday - Sunday Closed
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Entrance to the self-service fitness center is secured by an automatic system (turnstile).
1.) Barcode scanning on the turnstile reader is required at the entrance.
2.) You get the barcode after registration at the reception or online.
3.) After registration is required - top up credit or - buying a membership. All this online or at the reception
4.) You make the payment using your banking application
5.) Enter "instant payment" ATTENTION!! entry is active up to 2 hours after payment!!

each new client who registers online will receive 1 free entry

>>The fitness center is monitored by a camera system<<



Body Care fitness center

the most complex gym in Brno, Královo pole


Personal approach under professional guidance.

The Body Care fitness center can be found in Brno in Králové pole. On an area of ​​about 350 square meters, you will find what you will find hard to find in other fitness centers. We offer personal fitness trainer services, massage, physiotherapy and nutrition counseling. With us, you will be in the care of professional fitness trainers, masseurs, nutritionists and physiotherapists with many years of experience.
We have combined the main health sectors into one fully functioning whole. We take care of professional athletes, but also complete beginners. With a suitable combination of exercise and physiotherapy, we help people in convalescence, rehabilitation and eliminate pain. We teach young athletes the right principles of exercise and keep older exercisers "in the game" for longer. If you like group lessons, you will surely fall in love with the airy bright hall where we organize TRX, Pilátes or circular training sessions. We also have a punching bag or pole dance pole.

We will guide you through the first steps in your exercise, rational eating and after the first visit you will lose your worries, uncertainty or shame. In our fitness center you get a personal approach like nowhere else.

... and that's not all!

- We operate a fully automatic entry system.
- The entrance to the fitness center is controlled by a turnstile, which makes exercise available to you 24 hours a day.
- Purchase of a season ticket and charging of credits can be done online.
- You have full control over your bookings, group lessons and expenses.
- Holders of Multisport benefit cards can also use the same benefits.

Still not sure about the visit?

Never mind, you can try it all for free.
After registration you have the first free entry. So you don't have to send money or pay anything.

So do not hesitate and come and see for yourself.
We are looking forward to your visit.



RIP trainer is used in our gym a lot in personal trainings. We decided to make a special class for this unique exercise. What is it about?
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Víte, které platební a benefitní karty přijímáme? Přinášíme přehled všech způsobů platby, jakým u nás můžete hradit služby, které nabízíme.
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