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The goal of our online system is:

  • Automation of check-in (automatic reception)
  • Unlimited access 24/7
  • Easy reservation of classes
  • Overview of your account status, reservations, validity of memberships, credit usage, and online purchases


Notice - without registration, it is not possible to use the services of the online reservation system and automatic entry through the turnstile.

  • The fitness center is serviced by an automatic turnstile that identifies and only allows registered clients with a valid membership, credit, or verified Multisport card.
  • For entry to the center, it is necessary to identify yourself by scanning the barcode at the door and turnstile.
  • The barcode can be scanned from the Body Care plastic card or the Multisport card (requires linking to the client's profile by staff) or from the phone display by generating the "code to PDF" in your profile (image 1/1a).
  • The generated code remains with you. There is no need to generate it for each entry.
  • The generated code can be printed or saved on the phone and displayed on the phone screen (the display must be clean, undamaged, and have high brightness) + zoom (image 2).
  • Entry is allowed after scanning and displaying the GREEN arrow indicating passage.
  • Crawling under, jumping over, or forcefully turning the turnstile is strictly prohibited.
  • Overcoming the turnstile in a way other than stipulated in the conditions is considered a serious violation of entry conditions and unauthorized entry. In this context, a security agency will be called in collaboration with the police.



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