RIP trainer is used in our gym a lot in personal trainings. We decided to make a special class for this unique exercise. What is it about?

You cannot find TRX RIP Trainer exercise anywhere else in Brno.
RIP trainer is used mainly for rotational moves and dynamics.

Why rotation?
Why is it so important?

For example walk itself is accompanied by rotational moves. If we talk about sports such as running, tennis, golf, cycling, climbing and others, we always talk about rotation. 

So do you already know why you should try RIP trainer exercise?
You can control the difficulty and speed of the exercise yourselves. The exercise can be adapted to both elite sportsmen and people recovering after an injury (back, knee, etc.). 

We included RIP trainer exercise into the trainings of shooters of SSKP Brno with whom we have been cooperating on condition training for a long time. 

In the video below (from 2015), you can see Jakub Tomeček, specializing in skeet discipline. He participated in 2012 London Olympic Games. In 2013, he won two bronze medails in skeet and team skeet in Summer Universiade in Kazan.