Price list

Single entry 

Gym      120,-

Gym (student price)    100,-   show more

Gym (child price)      90,-   show more

Gym Seniors      90,-   show more

HAPPY HOUR      90,-   show more

Group lessons (Yoga, Pilates ,TRX ,Healthy back ,Circuit training, Rip trainer)     120,-

Membership periods

1 month      1200,-   show more

3 months      3300,-   show more

12 month      12000,-   show more

Student      900,-   show more

Using points at the gym + for group lessons

Recharge credit amounts

Bronze       1000,-   show more

Silver       3000,-   show more

VIP      +5000,-   show more  

Massage and Physical Therapy

Prices of massages and physical therapy may vary depending on the length of the procedure and the therapist.

These services are paid directly to the therapist.

The usual price for a 60 minute session is 500, -

We accept the following cards

karta Multisport
karta ActivePass
karta Benefit Plus